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This area is being deactivated. Usable content is being moved out.

On this page I've tried to make it easier for you to find examples, tutorials and help for specific ORX classes. For the standard documentation/overview, click on this External Link.



Class Name Category Short Description
OrxAABox Math Handles Axis-Aligned boxes.
OrxAnim Anim Handles Animation Data.
OrxAnimSet Anim Handles Sets of Animations.
OrxBank Memory Memory Allocation.
OrxBody Physics Handles Physical Bodies.
OrxCamera Render Handles Cameras.
OrxClock Core Handles Clocks.
OrxCommand Core Handles Custom Registered Commands.
OrxConfig Core Handles Configuration Files.
OrxDebug Debug Output Debug Info.
OrxDecl Base Has Base Declarations.
OrxDisplay Display Handles Display.
OrxEvent Core Handles Internal Events.
OrxFPS Debug Compute & Display FPS.
OrxFX Object Special Effects.
OrxFile IO Handles Files+FileSystem.
OrxFont Display Handles Fonts.
OrxFrame Object Handles the Scene.
OrxGraphic Display Handles 2D/3D Graphics.
OrxHashTable Utils Handles HashTables.
OrxInput IO Handles Inputs.
OrxJoystick IO Handles Joystick input.
OrxKeyboard IO Handles Keyboard input.
OrxLinkList Utils Handles Linked Lists.
OrxLocale Core Handles Localized Strings.
OrxMath Math Base Math Functions.
OrxMemory Memory Memory Allocation.
OrxModule Base Handles Modules.
OrxMouse IO Handles Mouse input.
OrxOBox Math Handles Oriented boxes.
OrxObject Object Handles Objects.
OrxParam Main Handles command-line parameters.
OrxPhysics Physics Handles Physics Interactions.
OrxPlugin Plugin Loads Dynamic Code.
OrxProfiler Debug Profile Code Execution.
OrxRender Render Renders Visible Objects.
OrxScreenshot Display Captures Screenshots.
OrxShader Render Stores Shader Information.
OrxSound Sound Handles a Single Sound.
OrxSoundSystem Sound Handles all Sounds.
OrxSpawner Object Spawns Objects.
OrxString Utils Handles Strings.
OrxStructure Object Handles Structures.
OrxSystem Core Handles Modules.
OrxText Display Handles Text.
OrxTexture Display Handles Textures.
OrxTimeLine Object TimeLines are Sequences of Text Events.
OrxTree Utils Handles Trees.
OrxType Base Base Types.
OrxVector Math Handles Vectors
OrxViewport Render Handles Viewports
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