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 <wrap headline-image>​[[en:​tutorials:​weld_joint_on_objects_with_bodies|{{examples:​headline-objects.png|}}]] ​ <wrap headline-image>​[[en:​tutorials:​weld_joint_on_objects_with_bodies|{{examples:​headline-objects.png|}}]] ​
 <​span>​Weld Joint on parent/​child Objects with Bodies</​span></​wrap>​ <​span>​Weld Joint on parent/​child Objects with Bodies</​span></​wrap>​
 +<wrap headline-image>​[[en:​tutorials:​z_order_of_objects_with_joints|{{examples:​headline-objects.png|}}]] ​
 +<​span>​Z-order of Objects with Joints</​span></​wrap>​
 ==== Level Mapping ==== ==== Level Mapping ====
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