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This section is dedicated to basic and advanced tutorials about orx, an opensource, portable, lightweight, data-driven & 2D-oriented game engine.

Setting up Orx

Setting up a project using Orx in an IDE

These tutorials show how to setup different coding environments (IDE) to work with orx. 1)

Community Tutorials

These tutorials have been created by the community so as to give fast answers to simple questions.
They're great resources for discovering how to do stuff with orx!


This section will introduce you to orx basics.
Please download the tutorial files (including projects files, data, executables and source code) for Windows (mingw, vs2008 & vs2010), Linux and MacOS X from this download link.

Here's the list of the currently available basic tutorials:

  1. [C] object
  2. [C] clock
  3. [C] frame
  4. [C] fx
  5. [C] physics

The tutorial #10 also shows how to write C++ code using orx 2). In the same way, you can write your program in any language that can interface with C.

Some wrappers are being developed by community member. If you want to contribute by helping to write such wrappers, or writing new ones for other languages, please contact us via the forum.

All these IDEs are free and can be downloaded from internet.
which is mostly coded in C
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