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This is simple tutorial for Xcode users. You will learn how to configure Xcode and create basic Skeleton application. Download Mac developer package from GitHub and exctract it somewhere.

Now, create new Xcode project, choose Application → Command line tool → C++ STD C++ template.

Now enter your project directory and create directories bin (where your executables will be stored), lib (for libraries) and inc (includes). Build is optional, because XCode creates it and we don't need it now.

Open your extracted ORX archive and copy liborx.dylib (liborxd.dylib for debug is optional) from lib dir into our lib dir and bin dir. Same with include dir into our inc dir.

Open up Xcode. Now we need to link directories with Xcode project. Right click on blue icon with your projet name and select Add → Existing files. Select lib folder in your project directory and link it with your project (without copiing files becuase we already have them where we want to) and do the same for inc dir. You should finish up with something like this.

At last, we need to do some project configuration magic. Select Project → Edit Project Setting from menu. This will open you project configurator. Config your project as on screenshots.

You should have your project prepaired for compiling ORX projects. You can now continue to Basic StandAlone tutorial and try it up. Just remember to put .ini files into build directory.

Or if you are too lazy, you can download my Skeleton.

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