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Part 1 - Downloading Orx

There are two way to download orx:

  1. Cloning the git repo.

A precompiled version for your OS/IDE is much more convenient, especially if you just want to take Orx for a spin and try it out without to much hassle.

The repo version however, is great for bleeding edge improvements and changes to Orx.

Instructions for the Git version

If you would like to clone the very latest Orx, please following the instructions at: Cloning Orx from Github

Instructions for a precompiled version

Visit and select the subfolder that represents the latest version of orx (1.6 at the time of writing).

If you were a windows user running Visual Studio 2013 32-bit, you might like to choose package:

You will also need to download the matching tutorials to see some small samples build with Orx:

The tutorial zip contains pre-compiled / ready to run examples complete with source. We will use this tutorial solution as the basis for our project a little later.

What do you get?

So once you have Orx using one of the two methods above, what do you end up with? You get:

  • Includes to compile against.
  • Static and dynamic libraries to link your code with.
  • .ini templates to help guide you through Orx's config format.
  • Tools for encryption and font generation.

Now you have your own Orx framework library, and you've seen what's inside.

Next: Take a high level look at How Orx works.

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