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I can't find a list of audio formats that Orx can use. By trial and error I know that .ogg and .wav work, while .mp3 does not. I have seen in the code the list of supported recording formats, which strangely includes .mp3 which I already know doesn't work. Can someone point me to the list of supported audio formats?

While you are at it, can you also point me to the list of supported image formats?

Thank you


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    I thought we had that information somewhere but I can't find it either.
    The answer is: .ogg is supported on all platforms (and is the recommended format), after that, it varies.
    The variations come from the libraries that are available for the target platform.

    For example, on iOS, ExtAudio is used for reading/writing sound files, so all the formats that are supported by it (at least at the time of the creation of that plugin) will be available to orx. Which includes mp3 (both for reading and writing).

    On desktop platforms (OpenAL sound plugin), libsndfile is used for all the non-ogg format, the list of supported format can be found here:

    On Android, only Ogg Vorbis is supported, as far as I can remember.

    Regarding image formats, it's a bit more homogeneous as the main library we're using handles multiple formats by itself. We're using stb_image/stb_image_write with a custom addition of libwebpdecoder, which means the supported formats are:

    • JPEG, PNG, TGA, BMP and WebP can be read
    • JPEG, PNG, TGA and BMP can be written

    In addition to the above, we also support:

    • PVRTC on iOS
    • KTX on Android

    We have plans to extend the range of supported format, but no ETA at the moment:

  • I tend to only consider ogg format anyway. I convert everything to that format.

  • Thank you for the quick response.

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    A quick update: compressed texture support went in shortly after the last post in this thread and there's currently a branch with support for mp3, that will become available on all target platforms. This will also bring better sounds spatialisation support and filters/effects.
  • Thank you for the update. I will look at the mp3 branch.

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