orx  1.14
Portable Game Engine


#define __orxEXTERN__   /* Not compiling orx library */
#define __orxPLUGIN__
#define _orx_H_


static orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orx_DefaultEventHandler (const orxEVENT *_pstEvent)
static orxINLINE void orx_Execute (orxU32 _u32NbParams, orxSTRING _azParams[], const orxMODULE_INIT_FUNCTION _pfnInit, const orxMODULE_RUN_FUNCTION _pfnRun, const orxMODULE_EXIT_FUNCTION _pfnExit)
static void orxFASTCALL orx_MainSetup ()


static orxBOOL sbStopByEvent = orxFALSE

Detailed Description

Main orx include, execution convenience helpers, freely modifiable by users

Local include file

Kernel include file

Plugin include file

Utils (tools) include file

Macro Definition Documentation

#define __orxEXTERN__   /* Not compiling orx library */

Definition at line 48 of file orx.h.

#define __orxPLUGIN__

Definition at line 46 of file orxPluginAPI.h.

#define _orx_H_

Definition at line 46 of file orx.h.

Function Documentation

static orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orx_DefaultEventHandler ( const orxEVENT _pstEvent)

Orx default basic event handler

[in]_pstEventSent event
orxSTATUS_SUCCESS if handled / orxSTATUS_FAILURE otherwise

Definition at line 74 of file orx.h.

static orxINLINE void orx_Execute ( orxU32  _u32NbParams,
orxSTRING  _azParams[],
const orxMODULE_INIT_FUNCTION  _pfnInit,
const orxMODULE_RUN_FUNCTION  _pfnRun,
const orxMODULE_EXIT_FUNCTION  _pfnExit 

Orx main execution function

[in]_u32NbParamsMain function parameters number (argc)
[in]_azParamsMain function parameter list (argv)
[in]_pfnInitMain init function (should init all the main stuff and register the main event handler to override the default one)
[in]_pfnRunMain run function (will be called once per frame, should return orxSTATUS_SUCCESS to continue processing)
[in]_pfnExitMain exit function (should clean all the main stuff)

Definition at line 256 of file orx.h.

static void orxFASTCALL orx_MainSetup ( )

Default main setup (module dependencies)

Definition at line 91 of file orx.h.

Variable Documentation

orxBOOL sbStopByEvent = orxFALSE

Should stop execution by default event handling?

Definition at line 63 of file orx.h.

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