orx  1.14
Portable Game Engine
orxAABox.h File Reference
#include "orxInclude.h"
#include "math/orxVector.h"

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Data Structures

struct  orxAABOX


static orxINLINE orxAABOXorxAABox_Copy (orxAABOX *_pstDst, const orxAABOX *_pstSrc)
static orxINLINE orxVECTORorxAABox_GetCenter (const orxAABOX *_pstOp, orxVECTOR *_pvRes)
static orxINLINE orxBOOL orxAABox_IsInside (const orxAABOX *_pstBox, const orxVECTOR *_pvPosition)
static orxINLINE orxAABOXorxAABox_Move (orxAABOX *_pstRes, const orxAABOX *_pstOp, const orxVECTOR *_pvMove)
static orxINLINE orxAABOXorxAABox_Reorder (orxAABOX *_pstBox)
static orxINLINE orxAABOXorxAABox_Set (orxAABOX *_pstRes, const orxVECTOR *_pvTL, const orxVECTOR *_pvBR)
static orxINLINE orxBOOL orxAABox_Test2DIntersection (const orxAABOX *_pstBox1, const orxAABOX *_pstBox2)
static orxINLINE orxBOOL orxAABox_TestIntersection (const orxAABOX *_pstBox1, const orxAABOX *_pstBox2)

Detailed Description

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