orx  1.11
Portable Game Engine
orxFile.h File Reference
#include "orxInclude.h"

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Data Structures

struct  orxFILE_INFO


#define orxFILE_KU32_FLAG_INFO_DIRECTORY   0x00000008
#define orxFILE_KU32_FLAG_INFO_HIDDEN   0x00000004
#define orxFILE_KU32_FLAG_INFO_NORMAL   0x00000001
#define orxFILE_KU32_FLAG_INFO_READONLY   0x00000002
#define orxFILE_KU32_FLAG_OPEN_APPEND   0x40000000
#define orxFILE_KU32_FLAG_OPEN_BINARY   0x80000000
#define orxFILE_KU32_FLAG_OPEN_READ   0x10000000
#define orxFILE_KU32_FLAG_OPEN_WRITE   0x20000000


typedef struct __orxFILE_t orxFILE


orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxFile_Close (orxFILE *_pstFile)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxFile_Delete (const orxSTRING _zFileName)
orxDLLAPI orxBOOL orxFASTCALL orxFile_Exists (const orxSTRING _zFileName)
orxDLLAPI void orxFASTCALL orxFile_Exit ()
orxDLLAPI void orxFASTCALL orxFile_FindClose (orxFILE_INFO *_pstFileInfo)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxFile_FindFirst (const orxSTRING _zSearchPattern, orxFILE_INFO *_pstFileInfo)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxFile_FindNext (orxFILE_INFO *_pstFileInfo)
orxDLLAPI const orxSTRING orxFASTCALL orxFile_GetApplicationSaveDirectory (const orxSTRING _zSubPath)
orxDLLAPI const orxSTRING orxFASTCALL orxFile_GetHomeDirectory (const orxSTRING _zSubPath)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxFile_GetInfo (const orxSTRING _zFileName, orxFILE_INFO *_pstFileInfo)
orxDLLAPI orxS64 orxFASTCALL orxFile_GetSize (const orxFILE *_pstFile)
orxDLLAPI orxS64 orxFASTCALL orxFile_GetTime (const orxFILE *_pstFile)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxFile_Init ()
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxFile_MakeDirectory (const orxSTRING _zName)
orxDLLAPI orxFILE *orxFASTCALL orxFile_Open (const orxSTRING _zFileName, orxU32 _u32OpenFlags)
orxDLLAPI orxS32 orxCDECL orxFile_Print (orxFILE *_pstFile, const orxSTRING _zString,...)
orxDLLAPI orxS64 orxFASTCALL orxFile_Read (void *_pReadData, orxS64 _s64ElemSize, orxS64 _s64NbElem, orxFILE *_pstFile)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxFile_Remove (const orxSTRING _zFileName)
orxDLLAPI orxS64 orxFASTCALL orxFile_Seek (orxFILE *_pstFile, orxS64 _s64Position, orxSEEK_OFFSET_WHENCE _eWhence)
orxDLLAPI void orxFASTCALL orxFile_Setup ()
orxDLLAPI orxS64 orxFASTCALL orxFile_Tell (const orxFILE *_pstFile)
orxDLLAPI orxS64 orxFASTCALL orxFile_Write (const void *_pDataToWrite, orxS64 _s64ElemSize, orxS64 _s64NbElem, orxFILE *_pstFile)

Detailed Description

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