orx  1.11
Portable Game Engine
orxFont.h File Reference
#include "orxInclude.h"
#include "display/orxTexture.h"
#include "math/orxVector.h"

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#define orxFONT_KZ_DEFAULT_FONT_NAME   "default"


typedef struct __orxFONT_t orxFONT


orxDLLAPI orxFONT *orxFASTCALL orxFont_Create ()
orxDLLAPI orxFONT *orxFASTCALL orxFont_CreateFromConfig (const orxSTRING _zConfigID)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxFont_Delete (orxFONT *_pstFont)
orxDLLAPI void orxFASTCALL orxFont_Exit ()
orxDLLAPI orxFLOAT orxFASTCALL orxFont_GetCharacterHeight (const orxFONT *_pstFont)
orxDLLAPI const orxSTRING orxFASTCALL orxFont_GetCharacterList (const orxFONT *_pstFont)
orxDLLAPI orxVECTOR *orxFASTCALL orxFont_GetCharacterSpacing (const orxFONT *_pstFont, orxVECTOR *_pvSpacing)
orxDLLAPI orxFLOAT orxFASTCALL orxFont_GetCharacterWidth (const orxFONT *_pstFont, orxU32 _u32CharacterCodePoint)
orxDLLAPI const orxFONT *orxFASTCALL orxFont_GetDefaultFont ()
orxDLLAPI const orxCHARACTER_MAP *orxFASTCALL orxFont_GetMap (const orxFONT *_pstFont)
orxDLLAPI const orxSTRING orxFASTCALL orxFont_GetName (const orxFONT *_pstFont)
orxDLLAPI orxVECTOR *orxFASTCALL orxFont_GetOrigin (const orxFONT *_pstFont, orxVECTOR *_pvOrigin)
orxDLLAPI orxVECTOR *orxFASTCALL orxFont_GetSize (const orxFONT *_pstFont, orxVECTOR *_pvSize)
orxDLLAPI orxTEXTURE *orxFASTCALL orxFont_GetTexture (const orxFONT *_pstFont)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxFont_Init ()
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxFont_SetCharacterHeight (orxFONT *_pstFont, orxFLOAT _fCharacterHeight)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxFont_SetCharacterList (orxFONT *_pstFont, const orxSTRING _zList)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxFont_SetCharacterSpacing (orxFONT *_pstFont, const orxVECTOR *_pvSpacing)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxFont_SetCharacterWidthList (orxFONT *_pstFont, orxU32 _u32CharacterNumber, const orxFLOAT *_afCharacterWidthList)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxFont_SetOrigin (orxFONT *_pstFont, const orxVECTOR *_pvOrigin)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxFont_SetSize (orxFONT *_pstFont, const orxVECTOR *_pvSize)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxFont_SetTexture (orxFONT *_pstFont, orxTEXTURE *_pstTexture)
orxDLLAPI void orxFASTCALL orxFont_Setup ()

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