orx  1.11
Portable Game Engine
orxFILE_INFO Struct Reference

#include <orxFile.h>

Data Fields

orxHANDLE hInternal
orxS64 s64Size
orxS64 s64TimeStamp
orxU32 u32Flags
orxCHAR zFullName [1280]
orxCHAR zName [256]
orxCHAR zPath [1024]
orxCHAR zPattern [256]

Detailed Description

File info structure

Definition at line 61 of file orxFile.h.

Field Documentation

orxHANDLE orxFILE_INFO::hInternal

Internal use handle

Definition at line 66 of file orxFile.h.

orxS64 orxFILE_INFO::s64Size

File's size (in bytes)

Definition at line 63 of file orxFile.h.

orxS64 orxFILE_INFO::s64TimeStamp

Timestamp of the last modification

Definition at line 64 of file orxFile.h.

orxU32 orxFILE_INFO::u32Flags

File attributes (cf. list of available flags)

Definition at line 65 of file orxFile.h.

orxCHAR orxFILE_INFO::zFullName[1280]

Full file name

Definition at line 70 of file orxFile.h.

orxCHAR orxFILE_INFO::zName[256]

File's name

Definition at line 67 of file orxFile.h.

orxCHAR orxFILE_INFO::zPath[1024]

Directory's name where is stored the file

Definition at line 69 of file orxFile.h.

orxCHAR orxFILE_INFO::zPattern[256]

Search pattern

Definition at line 68 of file orxFile.h.

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