orx  1.14
Portable Game Engine
Todo List
File orx.h
File orxAABox.h
File orxAndroid.h
File orxAndroidActivity.h
File orxAnim.h
File orxAnimPointer.h
File orxAnimSet.h
File orxBank.h
File orxBody.h
File orxCamera.h
File orxClock.h
  • Add freezing behaviour
File orxConfig.h
File orxDebug.h
  • Add graphical debug from outside, using a shared debug info array
  • Enhance logging, use of different log levels / colors
File orxDecl.h
File orxDisplay.h
File orxEvent.h
File orxFile.h
File orxFont.h
File orxFPS.h
File orxFrame.h
  • Use matrix instead of disjoint position vector/rotation float/scale vector
  • Add 3D support
File orxFX.h
File orxFXPointer.h
File orxGraphic.h
  • Add 3D support
File orxHashTable.h
File orxInclude.h
  • Add multi animation interpreter (for blends, transitions, etc...)
  • Add fixed point decimals
  • Add Matrix module
  • Update camera to use 3D matrix
  • Add network :)
File orxInput.h
File orxJoystick.h
File orxKernel.h
File orxKeyboard.h
File orxLinkList.h
File orxLocale.h
File orxMath.h
File orxMemory.h
  • Manage memory alignment
  • Allow to specify memory starting address & maximum size for each memory type
File orxModule.h
  • Add internal/external dependency system
  • Optimize dependencies storage
File orxMouse.h
File orxObject.h
File orxOBox.h
File orxParam.h
File orxPhysics.h
File orxPlugin.h
  • Add execute function for user-registered functions + arg parser/checker
File orxPlugin_CoreDefine.h
File orxPlugin_CoreID.h
File orxPlugin_Display.h
File orxPlugin_Joystick.h
File orxPlugin_Keyboard.h
File orxPlugin_Mouse.h
File orxPlugin_Physics.h
File orxPlugin_Render.h
File orxPlugin_SoundSystem.h
File orxPluginAPI.h
File orxPluginCore.h
File orxPluginType.h
File orxPluginUser.h
File orxProfiler.h
File orxRender.h
File orxScreenshot.h
File orxShader.h
File orxShaderPointer.h
File orxSound.h
File orxSoundPointer.h
File orxSoundSystem.h
File orxSpawner.h
File orxString.h
  • Add autoindexing for ID generation
File orxStructure.h
File orxSystem.h
File orxText.h
File orxTexture.h
File orxThread.h
File orxTimeLine.h
File orxTree.h
File orxType.h
File orxUtils.h
File orxVector.h
File orxVersion.h
File orxViewport.h

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