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Part 3 - Setting up a new game project

The easiest way to start your own project is to use the init script that is provided in the root of the Orx repository.

A lot of effort has gone into ensuring that creating an Orx based project is as simple as possible for all developers from beginners to experienced programmers.

You can go here to learn how to create a project for Orx: Creating your own Orx-based Project using 'init'. Once done, head on back here.

We would like to create a new project, but without the scroll convenience layer for this first tutorial.

Do this by using the init command with the -scroll option. For Windows, it would be something like:

./init.bat <Project-Location>/MyGame/ -scroll

Now that's done, you'll notice a build folder inside the newly created project folder. This folder contains all supported IDEs, (and gmake) for your Operating System.

Open the project of your choice and compile. Be sure to choose the desired Build Configuration, and either the 32-bit or 64-bit CPU to build for.

Once compiled, run the program and you'll see the default Orx logo and sound effect:

Excellent. We have a working solution.

Next: A tour of an Orx project.

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