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This guide is based on Android Studio Electric Eel (which ships with SDK 33). If you need to set up a development environment for Android, you must first ensure you have completed the Getting Android Studio and Orx step first.

Compiling the Orx Library and the Android Demo Project

1. Compiling the Orx library for Android

 cd orx/code/build/android

For Linux or Mac use instead.

The compiled libraries will be located under orx\code\build\android\orx\build\outputs\aar

  1. orx-debug.aar
  2. orx-profile.aar
  3. orx-release.aar

2. Compiling the Android Demo

Compile the Demo which links in the static Orx library that we prepared in step 1:

 cd <DEV_FOLDER>/orx/code/demo/android

For Linux or Mac use instead.

An APK file (one each for debug, profile and release) be created are available at: orx\code\demo\android\app\build\outputs\apk

You can copy this to your Android device to test.

General Troubleshooting

There are currently no tips here since our new process has been completely streamlined. Please get in touch on Discord if you experience issues so we can add them here.

If you have completed this tutorial and would like to try it with your own project, continue to Using the Android demo as a template for your own projects.

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