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The Orx Bounce Demo

When you compile Orx, not only do you get the Orx libraries, but you also get the Orx Bounce Demo. The demo is provided as both a small code demonstration of Orx features, but also to allow you to experiment with an Orx application, and test it on your system.

This can be found at:


There are three versions of the executable as:

  • orx
  • orxd
  • orxp

Run one to play with the demo.


  • Mouse: Move Cursor Ball
  • Left Mouse Button: Spawn Objects
  • Middle Mouse Button: Toggle wobble sine-effect on ramps
  • Right Mouse Button: Pick Object to cause a wobble effect
  • ~ (Tilde): Toggle the Orx Console
  • Alt: Toggle the Performance Profiler
  • Shift (Hold down): Record sound to Wave (each hold appends to the file)
  • T: Toggle Smoke Trail emitted from the Cursor Ball
  • F1: Previous Resolution
  • F2: Next Resolution
  • F3: Toggle Fullscreen

Alternative Controls

  • Space: Spawn Objects
  • Tab Empty Input (not sure what this does)
  • Ctrl: Toggle wobble sine-effect on ramps
  • Return: Pick Object to cause a wobble effect
  • Mouse Extra Button 1: Toggle Smoke Trail emitted from the Cursor Ball

Source Code and Configuration Files

The source for the demo can be found at: orx/code/plugins/Demo

The data configuration files (ini) are located here: orx/code/bin

The Orx Console

All games and applications created with Orx have an Orx Console built in. The Demo has one too. You can experiment with many items in the demo using the console. If you want to learn more, see: Guide to the Orx Console and Commands

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