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 +====== Compiling the hidapi USB library in an Orx project ======
 +If you are interested in interfacing custom USB devices (HID) to control games written by Orx (or any other C++ application),​ this article will show you the easiest way to compile hidapi along with your Windows-based Orx project.
 +This is not a very wide use case for many projects, but one example of this is the [[https://​​pinball | Virtual Pinball tables at the Alien Abduction Unit]]. These use a PIC microcontroller-based USB device as the controller for the pinball launch and paddles.
 +The hidapi library can be compiled many ways, but getting it set up can be a minefield using their [[https://​​libusb/​hidapi/​blob/​master/​ | github set up page]].
 +This following method is the easiest, and this article will be covering version 0.12.0.
 +==== The easiest method =====
 +  - [[en:​tutorials:​projects:​creating_your_own_project|Create a new blank orx project]].
 +  - Clone the [[https://​​libusb/​hidapi | hidapi project]] somewhere on your computer.
 +  - Copy the ''​hidapi/​windows/​hid.c''​ file to your project ''/​src''​ folder.
 +  - In your IDE, edit the project'​s list of include folders and add some direct paths like the following:
 +  * ''​C:​\Work\Dev\hidapi\hidapi-0.12.0\hidapi''​
 +  * ''​C:​\Work\Dev\hidapi\hidapi-0.12.0\windows''​
 +  ​
 +Of course, the paths above can be relative rather than absolute if you plan to keep hidapi relative to your orx project.
 +Ensure ''​hidapi.h''​ is included in the ''​main.cpp''​ file:
 + #include "​orx.h"​
 + #include "​hidapi.h"​
 +There are no special linker libraries or paths required. That should be enough to compile and run.
 +Code for testing a USB device within the Orx application is beyond the scope of this article but you can learn how to use it looking at [[https://​​libusb/​hidapi/​tree/​master/​testgui | their test application]],​ and you can also get usage tips in the [[https://​​sausagejohnson/​rlb | Reload Bar Pinball source code]].
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