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-====== Notes on Input ====== 
-<WRAP center round box 60%>This article was originally written by Gemberkoekje</​WRAP>​ 
-The Input module handles generalized inputs (keyboard, mouse, joystick and touch). ​ 
-Input events may be defined either in the config file or in code with ''​orxInput_Bind*()''​ functions. They can be changed on the fly, of course, and you can create inputs than don't necessarily map to physical device by using the ''​orxINPUT_TYPE_EXTERNAL''​ value of the enum. 
-It allows to group everything through the generic input system. Events can be bound to any input source: physical device, GUI "​buttons"​ by activating the input using ''​orxInput_SetValue()'',​ etc... ​ 
-This way, when going from one peripheral to the other, or when going to another platform, only the bindings need to be changed, the processing code itself doesn'​t change. 
-''​orxInput_SetValue()''​ sets the value for one frame. Any value works. It all depends on what you expect when you read it. If mapped to a physical peripheral, buttons will set the value to 1 and joystick axes will set it to X with -1 <= X <= 1.  
-''​orxInput_SetPermanentValue()''​ sets the value till someone sets it to something different. 
-===== Tip: Temporary Disabling User Input ===== 
-Just to make an input set that does nothing and toggle between it and the other ones as necessary. 
-===== Config ===== 
-  * [[en:​orx:​config:​settings_main:​main#​input_module|Input]] 
-  * [[en:​orx:​config:​settings_main:​input_joystick|Joystick inputs]] 
-  * [[en:​orx:​config:​settings_main:​input_keyboard|Keyboard inputs]] 
-  * [[en:​orx:​config:​settings_main:​input_mouse|Mouse inputs]] 
-  * [[en:​orx:​config:​settings_main:​touch_events|Touch events]] 
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