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Codelite for Windows

If you would like to use Codelite on Windows instead of Visual Studio, there's a few things required in order to use for developing Orx projects.

These are:

  1. Codelite 9.2.0 minimum is required
  2. You need to use a specific version and type of MinGW.

Getting Codelite

Codelite can be downloaded from:

While there you can choose to donate to the project.

The version required must be at least 9.2.0. Although versions like the 6.x series will compile Orx projects fine, you will have problems trying to attach a debugger. So get the specific version or higher.

When installing Codelite and running for the first time, a wizard will appear, giving the opportunity to download a MinGW compiler for you. These are TDM versions, don't download any of these.

Which is the the right MinGW?

Codelite needs a compiler. It doesn't ship with one anymore. But you will need to pick the right MinGW. There are a few variations around:

  1. MinGW - this is the original vanilla project.
  2. Mingw-w64 - this is a seperate project that provides a 64 bit version of MinGW.
  3. TDM-GCC - this is a variation of the original MinGW project and is traditionally packaged with older Codelite and Code::Blocks IDEs

Since Orx build commit 0e32f26, TDM versions of MinGW can no longer be used. Nor are Mingw-w64 versions supported by Orx as yet.

Therefore, the vanilla version of MinGW is the correct one to use from here on.

At the time of writing, 5.3.0 is the version to use. But to check on the current version requirements, visit the Orx supported platforms here.

Getting MinGW

Start by downloading the MinGW installer at:

Run the installer and go through the steps. These are outlined on this page:

Follow the steps titled Getting mingw32 and Updating the PATH environment variable.

Telling Codelite about the new Compiler

  1. In Codelite, go to Settings / Build Settings.
  2. Click the orange “Scan for compilers” button.
  3. The MinGW compiler you installed will become listed.
  4. Double click it to set as the default compiler.
  5. Ok to close the dialog.
  6. Open your project, or Orx project. You can build your Workspace. You might be prompted to set a compiler for your project, if so, choose your compiler from the dropdown again.

You're all good to go.

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