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Orx is a 2.5D data-driven game development engine. It is open source, ultra-fast, multi-platform and full-featured for C/C++ programmers: beginners and experts alike.

Data Driven Configuration
Powerful data driven config that provides an easy to use templated creation system. In a single line of code, create a single object or an entire scene. Change data without recompiling!
3D Acceleration
3D accelerated rendering using OpenGL on desktop (Windows, Linux, MacOS) and OpenGL ES on mobile platforms.
Sprite Rendering
Automatic sprite batch rendering allowing: translation, anisotropic scale, rotation, transparency (alpha blending), coloring, tiling and mirroring.
Camera/Viewport system allowing for multiple views of the worlds rendered at once with camera translation, zoom and rotation.
Powerful Renderer
Flexible render pipeline allowing for off-screen rendering, custom shaders, multiple render targets & multiple render passes, all driven from data configuration.
Advanced Audio
3D sound and music with control over volume, pitch, stereo balance, noise & wave generation, recording, audio package modification & custom audio filters.
Rigid Body Physics
Collision handling and rigid body physics with joints support.
Abstract Inputs
Physical & virtual input system that abstracts keyboard, joystick, mouse and touch.
Powerful localization system allowing you to support multiple languages with ease for images, texts & sounds separately, with on-the-fly selection.
Animation Graph
Easy to use animation system, supporting texts, sprite sheets, animation graphs, inheritance, auto framing, adjustable frequencies and durations, all driven by data configuration.
Event Management
Respond to clocks, FX, Inputs, Physics, Shaders, Sound, Spawners, Timelines and many more.
Plugin Based Architecture
You can easily port Orx to new platforms and extend/customize it with your own plugins.
Develop for Windows (MinGW/Visual Studio), Linux (x86/x86_64), MacOS (x86_64/arm64), iPhone/iPad and Android.
Free To Use
Licensed under the zlib license: use or modify Orx for free for *any kind* of projects, freeware and commercial alike.