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[7 Jul 2024] Live session #13 - Updating a Project, Colors & Misc

The “denoised” version is now available.

This session was about using & expanding on HTML color literals and using Init to update projects:

  • HTML colors
  • Load (large) config properties from memory
  • Compose shaders using CodeList
  • Update projects using Init
  • New extension sneak peek: Inspector
  • How to retro-fit Init into an existing project

[5 May 2024] Live session #12 - Fixed Resolution, Saves & Recent Feature

The “denoised” version is now available.

This session was about targeting a fixed internal resolution, handling save files (config & binary) and recent features that were added over the past couple of months:

  • Atari ST SNDH music format support
  • New cheat codes extension
  • Enabling/Disabling typo checks for config properties
  • The Config.GetSystem command
  • Conditional config includes (debug, multi-platform, etc.)
  • Rendering at a fixed internal resolution
  • Using the Config module for saving/loading save games
  • Using the Resource module for manual (binary) serialization (maps, etc.)

[24 Mar 2024] Live session #11 - Profiler & Recent Feature

The “denoised” version is now available.

This first session of 2024 was about the profiler and recent features that were added over the past couple of months:

  • Installing orx from scratch (fresh install)
  • How to use the embedded profiler
  • Object.LogParents for debugging object positioning
  • Group sorting & CPU performance considerations
  • New native hardware cursors
  • New FX types: Size & Origin
  • Support for XM & S3M formats with Mod extension
  • Support for audio noise & wave generation
  • Config property typo detection
  • Hot-swapping resource bundles

[17 Mar 2024] So long, forum!

Most of the support over the past few years has been provided through our Discord forum, leaving little to no activity to our historic forum.

We’ve thus decided to archive the forum and focus solely on Discord support.

However, given that the forum’s content might still be useful and relevant, it’ll be kept online (as read-only).
Its link in the main menu has thus been renamed: Forum -> Archives.

[17 Mar 2024] Hello Codecks, Goodbye Trello!

We’ve recently migrated orx’s production tracking from Trello to Codecks .

What this means is that both former Trello boards (the main dev one and the showcase/sample video one ) have been migrated and merged into a single open Codecks project:

This open project will also serve as a roadmap for the project, and, as such, can be found by clicking the Roadmap button in the site’s main menu.

This will give more visibility to the community on which features and tasks are going to be tackled next.

Additionally, by looking at a card’s hand icon, you can see in which order imminent tasks are going to be carried out by their owner:

Lastly, everyone one can now upvote the features they are interested in by clicking a card’s vial icon:

Codecks has many interesting features, including a very powerful search, filter & order one, so feel free to look around.