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[27 Apr 2022] Video Tutorial: Writing a UFO game in less than one hour.

A new video tutorial has been released by the community to help you get to grips with writing a simple game in under an hour.

It is the compliment the the article version over on Gamedev .

This video will show you many essential game development concepts and how easy they are to program with Orx.

[10 Mar 2022] Orx - Portable Game Engine version 1.13 has been released.

The Orx community is pleased to announce the 1.13 release. There are a substantial amount of changes in this release. Some highlights include:

  • 70+ updates or new features
  • Added a new SoundSystem plugin based on MiniAudio: All platforms now support loading OGG, WAV & MP3 files as well as writing WAV files
  • Support for: config-driven filters for both sounds and buses, multiple sound listeners, sound panning (including commands), sound spatialization (entirely revamped: is now data-driven & independent of the channel count)
  • Support for the QOI image format to all plugins/platforms
  • Support for position literals with optional offset
  • Compressed texture/icon/cursor support for desktop versions using Basis Universal (UASTC -> ASTC/BC7)
  • Added orxMod (ProTracker MOD) based on the pocketmod library, that adds config-driven MOD support to objects
  • Added orxMovie (MPEG1/MP2) init extension, based on the PL_MPEG library
  • Spawners with UseSelfAsParent will now detach spawned objects upon deletion
  • Native arm64 support for MacOS 11/XCode 12.x
  • Support for VS2022 and retired support for VS2015

The complete list of changes is here: .

[29 May 2021] Orx - Portable Game Engine version 1.12 has been released.

The Orx community is pleased to announce the 1.12 release. Some highlights include:

  • Major speed & scalability improvements: from 65k to 16M concurrent objects in memory, a complete rewrite of the orxBANK module, object update re-write, added support for early exit events handling

  • Support for joysticks on Android-Native

  • A simpler Android build pipeline (can be entirely built from inside Android Studio without the manual NDK build step)

  • Added color literals for all HTML web colors. Can be used for Object, Graphic & FX Color values

  • Added Nuklear support for new projects with the init project maker tool

  • Support for writing JPEG images

  • Many smaller fixes/optimizations/improvements. Complete list of changes is here: .

[11 Mar 2021] Lost Echo: gamejam entry for the GlobalGameJam 2021.

Lost Echo is a gamejam entry for the GlobalGameJam 2021 created by Iarwain and Aumni.
This game won second place at the Montreal ETS site among roughly 270 other participants.

Lost Echo is developed entirely with Orx.

It’s a memory card game with a twist: designed as a local 1 vs 1 real-time strategy game where you try to find as many pairs as possible and can swap cards to confuse your opponent. Also playable solo (random swaps with highscore mode), or up to 4 players locally.

You can get more information on the game here: including downloads and source.

[15 Jun 2020] Discord Server.

We’ve finally made the jump and transferred our chat system from Gitter to Discord.

Come chat with us on: