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This guide is based on Android Studio Electric Eel (which ships with SDK 33). Our scripts work with NDK 23.1.7779620

Getting Android Studio

You will need to install the Android Studio, Electric Eel from here:

Once installed, start Android Studio with Standard Setup options.

You will not have to download the NDK. Our build scripts will do this for you.

Close Android Studio. You do not need to open it ever again.

Set up required Environment Variables

Open your Windows Environment Variables and create the following two entries:

JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio\jre

Close any console windows so that new console windows pick up the new environment variables.

Getting the Orx repository

In order to develop orx games and application for Android you need to clone the orx repo. Following the Cloning Orx from Github and Initial Setup article first, so that you can get Orx setup and ready to be compiled. Then head back to here once done.

What's in the Orx repository?

There are two important things provided in Orx repository:

  1. The Orx library for Android (we need to compile this ourselves)
  2. The Android Demo Project

The Orx library will need to be compiled for Android so that it can be used in other projects (like yours). The Android Demo will serve as a project template for your own project.

Let's do that now.

You can now move to the next step: Compiling orx and the Android demo for compiling orx, and testing if the demo project compiles and works on your device.

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