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Troubleshoot Building Orx

This page is a random collection of tips for when you have difficulty building Orx.

.../memory/orxMemory.c:47:20: fatal error: malloc.c: No such file or directory

You need to run / setup.bat to get the Orx dependencies.

This will occur if:

  1. You never ran setup before, or:
  2. You've done a git pull for the latest and forgot to run setup again for the latest dependencies.

The setup command should be automatic when first cloning. Try running ./ or setup.bat again.

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No generated Windows folder after or setup.bat

If you haven't updated your Orx library in a while, this could happen, but is exceedingly rare. Did the other “Windows” folders generate under tools/orxCrypt? Maybe yes? Maybe no. Regardless, use git to clean up your unused files and folder under orx/ and then setup again. You should be back up and running again.

No output on mingw

For specific mingw issues, see the troubleshooter on this page.

Error running ./

  ** Access Error: protocol error: "Timeout"

  ** Where: fail unless until sync-op either --anonymous-- read either either do catch either either --anonymous-- do trap if --anonymous--
  ** Near: fail make-http-error "Timeout" ??
  ** File: code/build/rebol/setup.r
  ** Line: 51''


** Access Error: protocol error: "Server closed connection" 
** Where: fail switch awake either switch switch --anonymous-- wake-up either until --anonymous-- wait until sync-op either --anonymous-- read either either do catch either either --anonymous-- do trap if --anonymous-- ** Near: _ fail error ?? 
** File: code/build/rebol/setup.r 
** Line: 51

Just some glitch out there in the matrix, like a network timeout. Just try ./ again.

For more details on libraries required on Linux for Orx, see: Compiling the Orx library for Linux

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